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need tax return for company,personal,and daughter.Have all paper work on "money" Need to claim loses in bussiness and other.

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Accountant - Accountant Questions
1.20 What is the average salary an accountant makes a year?

Q. How much does an accountant make a year, and what type of accountant do you have to be to make more than the rest. Also, what type of education do you need to be an accountant?

A. I think this really depends upon your location and experience level. According to Jobnob.com, you can see several breakouts: To get broad averages: http://www.jobnob.com/accounting-jobs-salary Accountant - $45,965 (3,174 positions) Sr. Accountant - $62,115 (300 positions) Junior Accountant - $41,081 ( 47 positions) To see what individual companies are paying: http://www.jobnob.com/accountant-salary Ernst & Young - $67,000 avg Deloitte & Touche - $38,000 avg To see breakdowns by city: in Los Angeles $44,744 http://www.jobnob.com/accountant-salary/Los-Angeles in New York City - $55,559 http://www.jobnob.com/accountant-salary/New-York-City in Detroit - $40,958 http://www.jobnob.com/accountant-salary/Detroit

1.20 Where can I find an accountant to go over and sign a financial affidavit in Michigan?

Q. We are applying for a grant and need an accountant to sign a statement going over our net worth. We never had enough money to need an accountant before, and we need one who isn't too expensive, and who isn't too busy with taxes. The form needs to be submitted ASAP.

A. You could try the link below, which is to the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants. You can enter some basic information, and it will find a CPA in your area that you can contact. Next best would be to see if you can get a recommendation from a friend. Barring those, your best bet is going to be to look in the Yellow Pages under Accountants, and choose one. Best of luck!!

1.20 How can an Accountant get a company arrested for Cooking books?

Q. How can an Accountant get a company arrested for Cooking books, evading taxes etc. when the Accountant is not a CPA and can't certify a audit but stills knows. What should the Accountant do?

A. You can't arrest a company, but you can report them to the IRS. See the link below.

1.20 What docs does my accountant need for rental real estate at tax time?

Q. It will be my first time claiming my home as rental real estate when I do my 2009 taxes. I will be using Schedule E. I know I need to bring records of expenses and also what I've profited from rent, but what other documents do I need to have ready for the accountant?

A. Your cost basis in the home. Your tax appraisal statement if you don't know what you paid for the land. If the property values have dropped since you bought the home, the value of the house at the time you converted it to rental property. The date you converted it to rental property.

1.20 What hours would a chartered accountant work in sydney at an audit firm?

Q. I want to work in Sydney and would like to know what work hours would a Chartered accountant work at an audit firm?

A. Most people work a 38 hour week, so like 8.30 to 5.30 with a unpaid lunch break. But some companies expect more, maybe an 8am start with a 6pm finish. You would be on a salary so there is no "overtime" Always best to ask at the interview what the core hours are. Most employers are flexible but always ask don't assume!

1.20 How could an accountant embezzle from his own company?

Q. I am writing a book where a forensic accountant is brought into an accounting firm to investigate a stealing employee. Is there a plausible way that an accountant could embezzle from a large firm for a year or so without getting caught? What would be the most easy way? I should add that the accountant actually works for an accounting firm.

A. Several ways: 1) Establish a phony employee, and have the phony employee receive a paycheck 2) Establish a business (owned by the accountant through secret entities) that "sells" products or services to the company. Invoices are approved by the accountant. 3) If the company is an insurance company, establish an insurance claim to the accountant's secret business that has been "insured".

1.20 How can I verify an accountant is registered with the IRS?

Q. Is there a website where I can enter a tax accountant's name and find out if he is registered with the IRS?

A. If they are a CPA, you can check - usually on line - with the state Board of Accountancy for the state in which the CPA is licensed. If they are an enrolled agent, you can follow the link below.

1.20 How much money does an accountant get paid?

Q. How much money does an accountant get paid per month and what G.C.S.Es, A-Levels and Qualifications will I need in order to become one?

A. There are lots of different accounting positions and a lot depends on what kind of college degree you have

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