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1.00 How hard is it to replacing a small area of floor in the bathroom under and around the stool?

Q. The stool leaked and we replaced the wax ring. We noticed the floor surrounding the stool less than 3 feet was rotting. How hard would it be to replace the floor if we had proper instructions. Or should we hire experts?

A. It is going to depend on how much damage there was to the floor and subfloor. You weren't very specific about what kind of floor and subfloor you have so giving you an answer isn't really possible, however, these sorts of repairs can be a do it yourself job if you are willing to do a little research.

1.00 How do I fix my new glazed tile counters after the tile guy covered them with floor sealant?

Q. I recently had shiny bright white glazed tile counters and backsplashes installed in my home and the tile installer finished the work by wiping every surface with a grody floor sealant that smelled like nail polish instead of applying the appropriate sealant only to the grout. Now my glossy tile is rough and blotchy. Attacking the film with acetone solvent lifts it, but the tile is still a bit hazy, as if the surface itself has been lightly etched. I don't trust the tile guy I hired to fix the problem and I can't afford to hire someone else to redo it. How can I restore my new tiles to their original gloss?


1.00 HVAC Service Tech Job Outlook? And Is 40 Too Late?

Q. I just turned 40 and am looking at switching careers. Been self-employeed for 15 years and am burned out. The type of work I do has kept me in good physical condition. It involves me working outside year round and being at several different locations during the day, both of which I enjoy...despite Cleveland winters. That part of the HVAC Service field attracts me since I enjoy being "out and about", interacting with new people, etc. I'm also fairly handy with a multimeter, having a basic knowledge of electronics, and can troubleshoot sensors/etc on vehicles, along with decent mechanical skills. I enjoy troubleshooting things. For all the above reasons I think I'd like the HVAC field. Few questions: If I only want to be a service tech (not do installs), and would prefer residential work with some light commercial thrown in maybe, would I be considered too old? I can't see that involving too much physical labor. I hear the market is good? Trade Schools In Cleveland? Etc. Thanks!

A. Be ready to spend some bread to get your certification. get an EPA type III certification and get some NATE certification too. most companies wont hire a service guy off the street. the company i work for tried it twice with terrible results. i was install forman for a year before i moved up to service...and i only was moved up to replace a guy who quit. service man jobs are cushy and coveted. to me, being 40 is a plus...not a minus. most 40 year old men have their lives strait, ain't on dope and show up for work at least 4 days a week.........big pluses id say go for it..you'll make install forman fast....and who knows....service may be in your future Possum, hvac guy

1.00 Calling all handy men!! help cleaning my air ducts?

Q. We are getting ready to have our second child and my hubby wants to clean out or vents/ducts (whatever lol). we live in a double wide and he wanted to know the best way to clean them out thoroughly without hiring someone. when i clean i will sometimes vaccuum out what i can see of the vents but we want to get them like new again. any tips would be great! thanks =) EDIT i should have said Handy Men or Women lol...just in case =)

A. You have to have the necessary tools.which have the brushes and sanitizer applicators etc..By the time you buy all of these you could hire Stanley Steamer for as cheap..Here is a link ..calll them they do give free estimates... http://www.stanleysteemer.com/Price.aspx

1.00 Should a young woman apply for a job to clean air ducts and dryer vents?

Q. The job says 800/week, will train. It looks perfect... except i'm a girl.

A. If you are okay with doing that, then more power to you! If you meet the qualifications, and they don't hire you, it could be discrimination. They may require you to be able to lift a certain amount of weight though. Get all the info. Why not apply?

1.00 How do you clean and disinfect air vents?

Q. I am sooooooo tired of our children and myself being sick and thought maybe it would help. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!

A. You will need to hire a professional, check in the yellow pages under furnace cleaning. Because they will need to clean all the way back to the furnace. Replace your furnace filter with a HEPA filter will help. They cost more, but that is all we use. Attempting to clean the ducts yourself could lead to more dust and allergens and mold to be released in to the air. The stuff in the ducts is packed on to the sides. It really is a job for Professions.

1.00 Dryer vent cleaning?

Q. How often do you guys hire someone to clean ur dryervent that goes.. probably underground from the back of ur dryer to outside the house.

A. Once a year. It goes out the basement wall to a louver. I take it off near the dryer and use a wet vac hose. I would not hire anyone to do this as it is very simple and rewarding to accomplish.

1.00 Do professional maids normally bring a carpet shampooer to households2clean ur house?

Q. I am going to hire somebody to get this plan all tidy and clean, and organized.

A. From the wording of your question,I guess you're not in the UK.I'm a cleaner and live in UK.A carpet shampooer is not something that is brought to the house on a daily basis,it's done by arrangement and costs extra

Why Hire a CPA

 Accountant - Why Hire A CPA A certified public accountant or a CPA is a highly qualified professional. His qualifications and services are much greater in scope and expanse than an ordinary book keeper or accounting professional’s. A certified public accountant must complete a five year college program and then clear a two day national test to get his CPA License. Once he has the license, he has to retain it, and for this he has to continue his professional education. This keeps him updated on the latest trends in tax filing.. He even lends some of his expert tax advice on how to avail tax exemptions and tax deductions. His expert advice can help you maintain your accounts better and save you money.

 Accountant Contractors For Why Hire A CPA In Schaumburg, Il You may be eligible for tax deductions for your medical expenses, donations made or mortgages. But if you forget to include these, then you've lost out on a valuable exemption. Besides, if you claim a wrong tax deduction by mistake,. it will cost you both a refund as well as a penalty for filing a wrong entry. This is why you need a CPA to help you with personal finances and taxes. A CPA is licensed and certified as a proof of his professional knowledge. If you just got divorced or have recently separated, you ought to seek the services of a CPA to begin defining your personal finance matters.

The first and foremost thing that you must do is ask yourself what you require from a CPA. A CPA may offer a lot of services, but what matters the most are your needs. Discuss services with at least 4 CPA's. Verify them for licenses and certification. Once you do that, you can choose the one who offers a mix of high quality and professional services as well as reasonable pricing. Ask for referrals of people the CPA has served in the past. Verify with them about how good the CPA’s services are. Better still, call these referrals and confirm their experience with the CPA.

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